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Workshops, Teaching & Literacy

” One of the finest examples of wordsmithing I’ve ever laid ears on.”
~ Shayne Koyczan, author of bestsellers ‘Stickboy’ and ‘To This Day’



I primarily work with individuals looking to begin or develop a collection of poetry into a manuscript. I alsAlessandra Nacarratto leading the charge...Lara-Bozabalian_6463-cr-Bernard-Clarko provide feedback on individual pieces of writing (fiction/non-fiction/poetry), artist statements and website copy for business endavours. Fees vary (but reflect industry standards), depending on specific project needs. Please contact me if you would like to arrange a small group session or discuss a project.

Teaching & Literacy

I have extensive experience providing workshops in creative writing, poetry, journalling, and non-fiction, and have worked with a wide variety of specialized populations (gifted, special education, at-risk, female centric, rehabiltative). As Head of English for a York Region high school over the last decade, I’ve had the chance to successfully work with administrators, teachers, and students in a range of evironments, and can suit workshops to meet individual needs, and/or that of curriculum. I have designed workshops to intoduce and address all forms of literacy. I have experience lecturing in University level classes, and have worked with professors on topics such as metacognition and the bridges between language and memory. After five years as Literacy Co-Lead at Markville Secondary School, I was proud to see our students earn first place in the privince wide OSSLT Literacy Test. In 2010, I was honoured as a finalist for the York Region District School Board Teacher of the Year Award.




2 thoughts on “Workshops, Teaching & Literacy

  1. mark kempf

    Hi Lara

    We met in your workshop a few, (or more) years ago in Durham and I’ve followed along your career since. Congrats on many good things happening and so gracefully handled.
    I am on the board of the Hamilton Poetry Centre and we are debating potential changes to our level of involvement in the local GritLit Festival, and I was hoping we could have a phone conversation about our plans and how you might fit into them. I am championing a quiet revolution to enhance the respect and value of poetry within the larger event. Best explained in succinct detail than longish emails. If you are willing to give me 10 minutes, please let me know the best time and # to call, or if you would prefer to call me.

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