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My newest collection of poetry, Tourist, is out now from Tightrope Books. I took quite a while (and covered a few continents) in order to chase its theme. Tourist has been incredibly supported by the Ontario Arts Council, and Molly Peacock (Series Editor, Best Canadian Poetry), in particular; I learned more about writing in my short time with her, than I did during a decade on my own steam. Nine of the poems have been published in literary journals such as The New Quarterly, Dalhousie Review, and Prarie Fire, one was longlisted in The Montreal International Poetry Prize, and another was noted in Best Canadian Poetry Anthology 2015. Purchase here. Please drop me an email if you would like the collection signed or dedicated!


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The Cartographer’s Skin, my first collection, was released in 2010 by Piquant Press. It was launched in Toronto and premiered at literary festivals and readings across Canada, Ireland, and Singapore, and became a Canadian bestseller. I have been thrilled with the continued success of this collection, a huge thank you to all of my readers. As you know, poetry is not the most lucrative (or social) of arts, and the wonderful support and makes all these efforts viable, as well as rewarding. Purchase herePlease drop me an email if you would like the collection signed or dedicated!


Over three years, I worked on a series of projects with composer Mitch Renaud. We collaborated on string quartet version of my poem, Reckless, which was featured in a reading session by the internationally celebrated St. Lawrence String Quartet (Stanford University) and a concert series at University of Toronto. We also collaborated on a thematic piece for emerging U of T composers, entitled Generations (my contribution to this event, ‘Beethoven Walks’, was later long listed for the Montreal International Poetry Prize). These concerts took place in Haliconian Hall (Yorkville), a renovated church which doubles beautifully as a music hall, and is filled with art and (in my experience) amazing people. A celebrated Toronto Historical site, HH was founded in 1909 to give professional women in the arts and letters and place to meet and collaborate.


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