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National Poetry Slam, Day Five

If you ever have the chance to embed yourself in a throng of screaming, roaring poets, in the middle of a balmy courtyard, and cheer on one of your countrywomen on the night of a full moon.. then do so. Last nights Underground Indie Championships had Nora (Team Vancouver) throwing out huge performances that got her into the final four of this $125 pay your way competition which is filled with some of the best poets anywhere, and, incidentally, results in a $1600 payout. She was awesome. She is awesome. Kudos. The event was held in the backyard of the Marriot (NPS Poets) Hotel. Other memorable moments included the Security Guard who, after being brought on stage and thanked for his efforts, pulled out a poem and walked through the crowd reading it out, hand gestures and all. The crowd went absolutely ballistic. It felt like a football game (I believe; I don’t go to them).

But, back to the beginning of the evening… 4Women made it into Group Piece Finals, which was huge, so we spent the day getting prepared. All of the ladies worked extremely hard and well together, and a huge thanks goes out to Nora for dropping by to help us polish our work. The Group Piece Finals night was held post Semi’s and standing room only packed to capacity crowd. A great place for a learning curve, if there ever was one. We chose to perform Group Piece, the one group poem we have that has all four members on stage. We left the stage feeling elated, and settled in to watch some of best group pieces we had ever seen. Special mention goes to Team Seattle who, led by Karen Finnyfrock, put on a Statue of Liberty piece that blew our minds. Also notable was Loser Slam, who unbridled exuberance (read: 6’4 white man bopping around stage, impersonating Flava Flav, bellowing ‘What?’ into one of four microphones. What?). Even the sacrifical poets were amazing (although I can’t remember their names). We will be digesting this expereince for a while.

Since we didn’t mention some of these events before (always running), there was a wicked Women’s Showcase held in a cool design studio and filled with a huge audience. What has been really cool to see is the tremendous support and curiosity all poets seem to have for each others experiences..we supported Ariel at the 12 Tribes Diaspora Showcase (or, as she affectionately calls it, The Jew Slam) where she got a roar of approval for her Full Figured Life poem, and thanked by the host for bringing levity to the crowd. We explained to him that Canada was good at this.

Have to make it out to the Haiku Slam..
Love. Love. Love.



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