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National Poetry Slam, Day Two

(For NPS, Day One’s blog, check out…)

Palm Beach Public Library, Thursday August 6th. 3pm.

We just left the LGBT  show case, which featured (and celebrated) teammate Truth Is.. and countless others wowed the crowd with incredible poetry. Seriously. The crowd was awestruck at times, laughing hysterically and peeing rainbows by the end of it all. So much of what is amazing about this week is being exposed to so many passionate poets. Not to mention the pool parties, the 40+ degree weather, and the endless parties. I mean, practicing of poems. 🙂 Last night ended a few hours ago, because there was a lot to celebrate..we WON our bout against Flagstaff, Boise & St. Louis. What!!! After a day of practicing and serious strategy sessions, we decided to put Truth in as the starter and she absolutely killed it with a flawless rendition of My North Star. Ariel came next with a visceral version of Neighbor, that had even her team members impressed. Third round brought our team piece, which had the crowd roaring, won the round, and earned a ten (or two, I can’t remember). I went last, with Watermark, and having my arms raised and shouting at the top of my voice, in an outside tree lit venue, in front of a packed and amazing crowd of fellow poets was one of the most freeing feelings I have ever had. Simone (our enchanting hostess) managed to capture three and a half of the performances on video, so we will post them on the 4Women website soon, for anyone that wants to check them out. When the scores were announced, we lit up the venue and shared hugs and congratulations from all the teams (who were fantastic the whole way through). We finished off the evening (or so we thought…) at the Erotica Slam, where Canada was was soundly represented by a Vancouver poet who dressed up in a speedo and lions skin. Heady stuff.

Overall, it has been an amazing experience for all of us; love and hugs north of the border to everone who has been sending on support.

More to come. We’ll keep in touch.

xo 4W


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