Lara Bozabalian – Life 2.0


Almost square, a total balance between water and sky.  In still water all things are still.  Cool colors only, blue fading to mist grey, smooth now, things smudging, trees fading into sky, melting into water. No dense strokes now, bright light playing off the surface of things, small, playful.  I have broken through the envelope, the opaque surface of things. Odd that it should have taken so long to reach this point, knowing it, as I did, to be my element. I was blinded, dazzled by the rush of things moving, running tides, spray caught in sunlight. Looking at, not through. The bright skin of things, the shimmering envelope. But now, before the sunrise, no bright yellow to come between me and it, I look through the cool bluegrey surface to the thing itself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~ Eva Figes 

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