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Newest Member of the 2009 TPS Team

4449_85300296117_517791117_1790994_1678886_nVery thrilled to be a part of the 2009 Toronto Poetry Slam Team, after a night of amazing competitions at the TPS FInals Night. Representing Toronto alongside myself, at the American and Canadian Nationals later this year, will be Truth Is, Ariel Platt and Kimiko Carter ~ with Tomy Bewyck as alternate. Interesting and amazing to note that we are the first all-female Poetry Team in Canada (as confirmed by Finals Night co-feature MiKe McGee). Check out the Toronto Poetry Slam website for a recap of the evenings festivities. It was a huge sold out crowd, and the performances put on by all of the poets were intense, as was the competition. Thank you to all who came out to support and (just as importantly) stayed out to celebrate with us afterwards. xo LB

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  1. Mike

    The rise of wondrous women in the TPS scene has been one of the better things to happen to slam. I’m glad we now have a team that honours this, and that it includes one of the most wondrous of them all. Congrats.

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