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March, A Lion

It’s hard to explain what March was to me. As they say, it came in like a lion. But it left equally vividly: a month of rich travel (Ireland, Calgary); reunions with beloveds; a loss; forest hikes and fireplace revelations with a family of friends; a dinner table of strong, roaring women; a book launch.. everything blends in a fire of watercolour, in memory, and leaves me feeling alive and free.

I opened my Tourist reading with an impromptu speech about gratitude, the feeling brought into sharp relief at a recent funeral. How lucky I am to have the life I do, the miracle of my new family, the ever expanding (re)union of teaching and art, and a growing family of brilliant colleagues and great friends. I am in awe, at times, of how many different lives I might have led, gratefully enchanted to have landed here, on this road, with all of you.

I am waist deep in new endeavours, but proud to hold up where I have been. Below find an audio snippet of my new collection, Tourist, which was released last week. This is a recording of Bombay Aubade, about my time in Dehravi, India’s largest slum.

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4 thoughts on “March, A Lion

  1. marion needham

    We as a family are so very proud of the great things you have achieved and the difference you have made, in your many goals and being a wonderful mother, wife and daughter-in-law to the skipper…congratulations Marion(sister from another mother)

  2. Drew Allen

    Hi Lara:
    We met on Saturday Night at Hear Here in Toronto and I work for the Steinway Piano Gallery in Mississauga. I really enjoyed hearing your poetry reading and I am thoroughly enjoying your book as well!
    Please let me know when you have a moment to discuss the possibility of coming to the gallery for an event in the new year. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours Truly,

    Drew M. Allen.

  3. Lara Bozabalian Post author

    Hi Drew,

    Apologies! Motherhood has distracted me away from my blog! I’d love to connect in the new year, please let me know if you are free to collaborate!! Cheers, Lara

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