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Toronto Poetry Slam 10 Year Anniversary!!

A decade goes by quickly, especially when you’re spending it with some of the most innovative minds around. It’s my honor to look back and see what a beautiful landmine we have built together, and all the ways it has exploded in the hearts and minds of Torontonians (and the irrevocable ways it has shaped all of us at TPS).  Personally, I can’t imagine the happiness I have today in my writing and personal life without all of the amazing souls who have colored it over the years. It’s been a broad cloth of wordplay, laughter, adventures, potlucks and (we’re poets)  arguing! But all is well that ends well, and tonight is going to be a night to remember over here at the Drake. If you’re around, and you’re free, get down here for some incredible performance throwback from the early days, some would say the golden days, of Toronto Poetry Slam.


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