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Dimentia Five: Season Two Premiere

Dimentia Five unfurled itself upon the world last Thursday for the second season in a row, and I was lucky enough to be part of the firestorm.  From Nik Beat’s ultra conservative set to the musical stylings of Electric Jon et al, everything was candy-liscious. Thanks go out to E-Jon and David Silverberg for putting on an amazing production, complete with free turtles (it’s more than a reading series, folks). I tried out three new poems (and some lesser known ones) to great reception, so thanks to the audience for  that. Also, thanks to Nik Beat for having us on CIUT 89.5 earlier in the week, in order to promo the show.

Upcoming: I’ll be featuring this Friday, September 7th, at Cryptic Chatter (Renaissance Cafe, Woodbine/Danforth) along with Toronto’s own Slam Fam, a four-shot combination of verbal acrobatics who bring awesome energy to any show. Show starts 7pm.

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