Lara Bozabalian – Life 2.0

Every once in a while you happen upon an artist who stops your breath and rejuvenates your motivation to walk forward upon the narrow, often beautiful, always humble, path of poetry. Brendan Macleod is one of these people and, yesterday, he released an album of artistry with his band The Fugitives (with super talented Adrian Glynn), that encompasses a lot of what I love in this world; sweeping melodies, truthful verses, and whisky singed voices. Okay, he drinks beer not whisky, but there is something in this art that stills me, and always leaves me waiting for more. As a friend, as a compatriot, as a brother, as a fellow poet, I respect what he does and the adventure of his journey. He is a genius, loving, loyal. Listen in.

The Fugitives, my favourite band, have released a fantastic album, gorgeous in sound and package, and you should take a listen here.

Every time I listen it feels like light.



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