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The Betrayal of the Body

”A person experiences the reality of the world only through his
body…..If the body is relatively unalive, a person’s
impressions and responses are diminished.  The more alive the
body is, the more vividly does he perceive reality and the more
actively does he respond to it.  We have all experienced the fact
that when we feel particularly good and alive, we perceive the
world more sharply…..The aliveness of the body denotes its
capacity for feeling.  In the absence of feeling, the body goes
‘dead’ insofar as it’s ability to be impressed by or respond to
situations is concerned….It is the body that melts with love,
freezes with fear, trembles in anger, and reaches for warmth and
contact.  Apart from the body these words are poetic images.
Experienced in the body, they have a reality that gives meaning
to existence.”
~ Alexander Lowen, The Betrayal of the Body, MacMillan, New York,
1967, pp 5-6

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0 thoughts on “The Betrayal of the Body

  1. Mike

    This has the beauty of truth to it.
    Though I’ve heard of people who are partially paralyzed but still lead pretty engaged lives, so maybe more essentially it’s a matter of being willing or able to respond with whatever in/of you is physically capable of response…

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