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Next Few Months

Just finished renovations on my town house and am thrilled to have peaceful space back again. Thank you to all my friends and family who helped out with that, and to all of the poetry and music that kept me going over the last few months… Can not stop listening to Adele; poetry in motion, if anything ever was.


Some new shows to look forward to in the new year.. I’ll be running a workshop at Lakefield College School in early January, look for assorted Peterborough shows/workshops/dates to accompany that. I’ll also be heading back to Queen’s University in March, to run a Creative Writing workshop for students of Carloyn Smart (of Hook fame). I am thrilled, as always, to head back to Kingston, and very honoured to be a visiting teacher for the astonishingly talented Ms. Smart. Something to learn from every experience.

I am heading to Indonesia for July and am working on dates for shows over there, all of which will be announced on my website in the coming months. I’m rounding out the trip with a hiking adventure in India/Nepal and making my way back through UK to see family and friends before another September comes around. Being a teacher is amazing, because I get the freedom of travel all summer, and return back to my favourite month in my favourite country in the world. Lucky duck, me.

So, now that the house is done, and school is under control, I am diving headlong into reading/writing/ editing for the next few months. I am still taking clients for manuscript editing and writing/coaching, so please check out my workshops page and pass my name on to anyone you think may be interested. As always, if you are looking to put on a show, or looking for poets to fill one, please let me know.

Hope you are well. Keep writing…
Thanks for listening.



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