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Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

Coming up next week is the launch of the 2010 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, a national festival which gathers together the top spoken words poets from sea to shining sea and has them compete is a week long series of literary bouts. If you’ve never been to a poetry slam, it’s kind of like a fusion between Eminem’s Eight Mile, a classical music concerto, and Willy Wonka storytelling to a kaleidoscopic degree. There is something for everyone, and I encourgae to check out some of the names on my links page to see what kind of performances are likely to show up. Last year, as a competitor in both the Candian and American Poetry Championships, I saw some of the most moving and profound poetry that North America has to offer. I encourage to make the trip down to Ottawa, if you can. Happily this years festival is hosted by the reigning championship city, so you are in for a treat from The Recipe on top for everything else.

This year I moved away from the competitive element to focus on promoting my new book, The Cartographer’s Skin, but I am still happy to be taking part in the festivities. On October 16th, I’ll be leading  Poet’s Workshop with reknowned Ottawa poetess and artistic organizer Danielle Gregoire.  The workshop is for professional poets, or anyone who is interested in working in schools We’ll be talking about ways to promote yourself, and what you need to know about school boards and classrooms in order to create meaningful experiences for students.

If you just want to come down for the show, then that is more than enough of a reason to get in the car (or train or bus). There are tons of open mic opportunities (a great place for new poets to get exposed), and the audiences will be packed with even more incredible poets who have just made the trip out to enjoy the show.

Check out the CFSW facebook page or homepage if you are interested, or email me if you have a question about what’s going on. Hope to see you there. You won’t be disappointed.



One thought on “Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

  1. Alan Sturgess

    Lara – not a comment as such on this topic, but just to say thanks for the copy of ‘The Cartographer’s Skin’ that you sent to me after you must have encountered my friend Bill Cooper. I really like the poetry that I’ve read so far – and also the uploads on Youtube of you performing.

    Bill obviously told you that during the 25+ years during which I was a teacher, I wrote a great many poems for use with (and hopefully for the enjoyment of) children and groups in my classes and schools.

    Thanks also for the note you enclosed. I could find no ‘Contact’ link on your website, so I’m using this means to get my message through.

    In your note you mentioned that you’d like to see a few examples of what I wrote. Instead, maybe a couple of Youtube uploads might be of interest … I doubt that URL’s will post here so, if you want to, look on Youtube for ‘Edge of innocence’ or ‘The house that isn’t there’. If you attach my channel name to your search (AlanSturgess) you should find them.

    Thanks again.
    I hope you get this message.

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